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For over 30 years, Classic Air Medical has been providing air medical transport in the states of Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Oregon, New Mexico and Wyoming. We have a reputation for excellent patient care and safety as we provide critical care air transport from rural hospitals and emergency scenes. Our experienced medical teams utilize specialized skills to meet the complex needs of the patients we serve. Requesting agencies depend on our ability to utilize all possible resources to meet the logistical demands unique to rural emergency care. ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP FEES
Individual Plan: Payment covers an individual for one year. Household Family Plan: Payment covers Parent(s) and children living in the household.
Membership benefits take effect one day after receipt of a completed application with payment of the annual fee. In the event of a medically necessary transport, all payments received by the patient for the transport are transferred to Classic Air Medical as payment for services. Sources of those payments may include health, medical, auto, supplemental insurance, workers compensation, and liability plans and policies.
The Classic Air Medical's Membership Plan is open to everyone at an affordable price. To qualify, a patient must have medical insurance: *Minimizes out-of-pocket costs for emergency air transportation to the patient. *Classic will work with the patient's medical insurance company to help with all billing issues.